Road plates

Steel road plates of superior quality.

Steel road plates are the strongest of their kind. Their heavy weight makes them stable and creates a safe surface. Are you looking for rock-solid road plates for your next job? If so, steel road plates are the best choice for work with heavy-duty equipment. You will enjoy these steel road plates for a long time, as they are practically indestructible. The lifting rings make them easy to move, and you can easily store them for the next job.

Steel road plates are available in 17 different sizes. The exact sizes can be found further down in the table. But in case you are still unsure whether steel road plates are the right solution, we’ll start by telling you about the advantages of steel road plates in advance:

  • Suitable for the toughest jobs thanks to ultra-strong material.

  • Available in 17 different sizes.

  • Load-bearing capacity up to 120 tonnes.

  • Stable and safe positioning thanks to the heavy weight.

  • Steel road plates can be fitted with lifting rings and given rounded corners.

  • We cut the steel ourselves, which enables us to deliver at very short notice.

  • Lifelong enjoyment of the steel plates thanks to high quality steel.

Types of steel road plates

Good to know about our steel road plates

You might think that ‘steel is steel’, but nothing could be further from the truth. ATS-rijplaten gives you a choice of two types of steel. S235 is a type of steel that deforms a little faster, making it ideal for jobs in hilly areas. Are you looking for a type of steel that will not bend due to kerbs, for example? If so, S355 is the right type of steel for you! We have briefly set out below what each type of steel is most suitable for.


  • Suitable for most jobs.

  • More flexible, making them ideal for hilly areas or when it is desirable for the plates to adapt to the shape of the ground.

  • Depending on size, suitable for loads up to 120 tonnes.


  • High resistance to deformation.

  • Unbendable, making them perfect for surfaces with many pavements and other irregularities.

  • Depending on size, suitable for loads up to 120 tonnes.

If you are unsure about the correct steel type, please contact us by email or submit a call-back request. We’ll be happy to discuss the options with you.

Durable steel road plates

ATS-rijplaten contributes to creating a more sustainable world. That is why all our plastic road plates are now made of recycled material. But even if you prefer steel road plates, you will still be contributing to a more sustainable world. Our steel road plates are made of the best material, and you will enjoy them for life. Also, we carry out the steel-cutting work ourselves. The steel road plates have rounded corners and lifting rings, which makes moving them quick and easy. We believe it's important to always use the right product for the right job, which is why we are happy to provide personalised advice.